Freedom Friday – Soccer Owl

Here is the release of a Great Horned Owl that had flown into and got tangled in a soccer net at the Glenallen soccer fields, in North Port.  Since they can fly nearly 40 mph, when it saw the goal it was probably too late to put the brakes on.  He got pretty badly tangled trying to escape as you can see.  Fortunately, an onlooker knew to call WCV and Stephanie was dispatched.   Fortunately, a passerby was willing to jump in and help Steph cut the owl out of the net.   The great horned owl had a few broken feathers and very minor injuries and was able to be taken back to it’s home turf to be set free.  At the end of the release video , you can see that it flew straight towards another soccer goal, but fortunately went “wide right”  this time.


Freedom Friday

Welcome back to our weekly Freedom Friday posting.  Today we feature a couple of critters that were hit by cars, but were lucky enough to survive thanks to our concerned callers and supporters, as well as the staff and volunteers at WCV.  We’ve all seen the street signs above; please do keep an eye out for our fantastic Florida wildlife when you are out and about.

This female Soft Shelled Turtle was run over by a truck at a construction site.  Fortunately, most tortoises and turtles are built like tanks but often times trucks are a bit out of their weight class.  This is one of  the lucky ones.  It was rescued and taken to the Wildlife Center of Venice where it’s shell was repaired and this tough little girl was released back into the wild at a nature preserve.


This Barred Owl was hit by a car and laid roadside where it was in pretty bad shape.  Thanks to a concerned caller who was kind enough to stop and keep an eye on it until one of our volunteer rescuers could make it out to rescue it and bring it to WCV, where it made an amazing recovery.  Awesomeness!!

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At the Wildlife Center of Venice (501c3 Non-Profit), we are committed to the preservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in our local community.  We service all of Sarasota and West Charlotte counties in the State of Florida. We work hard each day to uphold these values, but we need each and every one of you to help us in this noble cause.